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The advantages of choosing an international school can range from improved language skills to a significant improvement in students' cognitive abilities. Attending an international school is a great opportunity to live a totally different experience without leaving your own country. An immersive experience to learn about new cultures, new routines and different ways of learning... Read on to find out more about the many advantages of choosing an international school.

When parents start looking for a school for their children, they may go through a long and costly process to find the school that can offer the best future for their child. Some of the variables that come into play are the prestige of the school, the methodologies used, the values that are transmitted... And, without a doubt, one value that has more and more weight in this decision is the relevance given to languages in this academic institution.

Types of international schools

The most common are English schools (A-Levels), although there are also International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, as well as schools where English is not the main language, such as French, German or Italian schools.  

The examples linked above (English, French, German and Italian schools) are to be found in Barcelona. Barcelona. However, the offer has spread to other cities such as Madrid, Marbella or Alicante.  

Advantages of international schools

No hay duda de que el alumno podrá encontrar numerosas ventajas en las aulas de los colegios internacionales:

There is no doubt that pupils will find many advantages in international school classrooms:

  • Multilingualism: indeed, fluency in at least two languages will be taken for granted as subjects will be taught in more than one language. And we all know what that means for everyone: from more ambitious job opportunities to greater ease in travelling and interacting with people in the places you visit. Remember that mastering two languages (or more) and being bilingual is a great advantage and can be a differential value compared to other candidates with whom you will compete in any future selection process.
  • Multiculturalism: students will have the opportunity to get to know different cultures, realities, ways of thinking, as well as all the values that these cultures can bring. In addition, many international schools offer exchanges that will make it easier for students to adapt to their new residence in order to study or work in another country.
  • Quality teaching: Without a doubt, we are talking about some of the most prestigious educational institutions, where academic excellence will be a weapon with which to face the future and turn it into a very promising project. Completing studies at an international school opens the doors to many universities in Spain and abroad. 
  • Better skills: as the universia portal states:

«Simultaneous learning of two languages from primary school onwards helps students develop better cognitive abilities and communication skills [...] On the other hand, it also benefits their attention span and comprehension and their ability to process several tasks simultaneously.»

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