prestigio y reputacion de los colegios

Values such as prestige and reputation are very important for families when choosing a school for their children. These variables, which are undoubtedly essential, influence the level of education students receive and the overall experience they have during their time at school. For this reason, it is important that schools strive to maintain or even improve these characteristics.

Indeed, the quality of education is a direct consequence of the combination of prestige and reputation that any educational institution may have.

How do schools improve values such as prestige or reputation?

One of the fundamental actors in this process is the teaching staff, who must be prepared to offer a high quality education.

On the other hand, there are the spaces or environments, which must be safe, stimulating and must encourage learning. For example, through good infrastructures, organized, luminous, practical, accommodated to digitalization.

Academic programs, agendas, tutorials...

Schools should also offer a variety of programs and classes to ensure that students can develop all their skills and have access to the languages and knowledge they need to succeed in their future careers.

They should offer electives adapted to each of the branches of the baccalaureate, whether social, scientific, technological, humanistic or artistic; group dynamics that teach teamwork and collaboration, as well as teachers who motivate students to improve their public speaking skills. Regardless of the field of knowledge in which the student has decided to focus, communication tools are extremely important when it comes to making themselves known and showcasing a project in their future. That is why losing the embarrassment of speaking in public and knowing how to structure your speech is very important and greatly enhances the credibility and prestige of the school.

The image they give to families

Schools should also pay attention to their public image, that is, how parents perceive the school. They should ask themselves: would they recommend a friend who is looking for a school for their children to come and sign up? The image can be shaped in the first instance, but it can be molded over time, either with improvements in facilities, good treatment of families at meetings, quality of services.... 

On the other hand, schools must also make an effort to promote student learning. Undoubtedly, this can be felt at home: getting your students to use the knowledge they learn in the classroom not only at school to pass exams but also in their extracurricular environments, in future interviews, in professional challenges...

This can be achieved through the organization of extracurricular activities that encourage the development of social and leadership skills, as well as respect for others.

Prestige and reputation from within

Finally, to generate an image of prestige, schools must make an effort to maintain a good relationship with the community. This means that schools should try to involve parents and the community in the education of their students, through parent meetings, organization of events and other programs.

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