trucos y consejos para elegir colegio

Choosing the perfect school for our children can be a stressful and tiresome process for families. A barrage of questions start to pop up in our minds: is it better to choose a private or public school, do I prioritize if it's close to home or its language level, do I look at what extracurricular activities they offer or would I prefer them to play sports in a sports club independent from the school? Today we bring you a list of tips to make this screening more efficient.

We'll start by telling you that, as the Huffington Post website, tells us, there are parents who really go to great lengths to obtain the points required by the schools they want their children to attend, from false census registration to an incomplete income tax return. They simply choose to lie or try to prove that they meet the requirements and sometimes they succeed because, unfortunately, many schools do not have the necessary means to verify the veracity of the documentation they receive.

Other examples of fraud to obtain more points are fictitious illnesses or fake divorces.

Fortunately, as highlighted by the media, specialists in these types of problems maintain that fraudulent families are a minority

«All in all, it is logical that all those involved, administration, schools and families harmed, raise their voices to denounce these abuses and exercise their rights with the protection of the assistance of a lawyer.»

These are our advices

If something is clear, it is that the first child to go to school is the one that gives more headaches, since, if they have siblings, it is normal that by inertia they end up going to the same center, unless they require certain special attentions.

Therefore, if this is your case, we have a series of articles in which we discuss in depth what questions you should ask yourself when deciding which will be the best educational institution for your children. You can find an example of this in this link.

However, we leave you a small summary with eight questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Are you clear about whether you want a public or private center?
  2. Are the ideology of the center and its methodologies in line with you?
  3. Is it well connected by public transportation?
  4. Does it offer the extracurricular activities you think your child is most interested in?
  5. What level of languages does it offer? Does it offer exchanges abroad?
  6. Does it offer services such as library, dining room, psychological or diversity services?
  7. How well integrated is technology in the classroom?
  8. Does it offer continuing education for all the courses that students wish to take? That is, from kindergarten to at least ESO. For some children it is a difficult emotional process to change centers and friendships on several occasions.

If after these initial questions you still have doubts, our recommendation (although we suggest you do it anyway to corroborate your impressions) is that you go to the open days of those chosen centers.

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