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There are families who have a very clear idea of which school they want for their children. But sometimes it is difficult to decide what criteria to apply in choosing the right institution. Which is more important, the pedagogical project or the facilities? The academic results or the experience of the teaching staff? Many of these questions will be answered by attending an open day.

Sometimes, drawing up a list in search of the centre that meets all our requirements is not enough. A school can promise to have an innovative project, enviable facilities and effective psycho-pedagogical support. However, with just one visit we could check whether this is true or not.

As the website of the Barcelona Education Consortium indicates, one of the key points when attending one of these days is based on confirming that the centre promotes the participatory culture of the school. A cohesive team of professionals makes the difference and shows a solid image. This perception will give us the security that we are leaving our children in the best hands.

However, if we had to make a list synthesising some of the most important aspects, the portal would have it clear:

  1. The excellence of the students who study: In these conferences, we can ask in which branches of knowledge the students show more brilliant results, which are the results obtained in the tests of competences of sixth of primary education or fourth of ESO, which is the percentage of approved in the selectivity.

  2. The quality of the teaching staff: Why should we not be interested in whether the teaching staff update their syllabus year after year or whether they encourage the application of knowledge to everyday problems?

  3. The educational project: Check whether emphasis is placed on languages, whether teamwork is encouraged or whether alternative methodologies are used.

  4. Do parents have the power to decide? A school that involves us in the training of its students will more easily reach the common objectives of its members.