escuela de familias

As you know, educating well is a challenge, as well as a great responsibility. And, as it is such an important phase in our lives, a new trend has emerged: family schools: meetings with the aim of exchanging experiences and advice for a better education of children. Let's take a closer look at this new reality.

Many families, at certain points in their children's education, such as the first academic difficulties, problems socialising with peers or, of course, the dreaded and hormonal adolescence, find that they lack the necessary tools to manage these situations.

In this way, parents learn by trial and error, which sometimes creates uncertainty as to whether they are making a mistake and what the short and long term repercussions of certain decisions may be. Are they being too restrictive? Are they being given too much freedom? Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect, balanced solution. The truth is that there is no such formula. Each context, each group of influence, friends, teachers... can condition a child's growth and, therefore, not all the "punishments" or talks we give them will affect them in the same way (not to mention that each child has a different personality and will be affected in one way or another).

How to deal with these first difficulties?

This is where a School for Families helps them to learn useful tools and guidelines that will enable them to face the exercise of education in the family home with greater capacity.

The School for Families contributes to a collective meeting and reflection, to provide tools in a world where there is no single or exclusive model, but where we must adapt to each child and his or her circumstances.

An interesting reflection on the passage of time and context

On the micole portal we find an interesting reflection on the changes in education in recent years, accelerated by the crises, by new technologies, by the pandemic of covid 19, digitalisation, meetings by zoom and teleworking...:

"The family, and the school institution itself, have not been oblivious to the social ups and downs. Television, advertising, new technologies, family breakdown, the evolution of the labour market, among many other factors, have a drastic impact on the educational work carried out in the family and in the school".

How do I know if I need that push?

As the portal hacer familia points out, it is not necessary to be at a time when emotional relationships are on the verge of being completely destroyed. They naturally wear down if there is no good assertive and empathic communication. Thus, in order to avoid a break-up, it is better to stop the deterioration in time. Some of the signs that may indicate that something is wrong could be:

  • Lack of communication between parents-mothers-sons-daughters.
  • Difficulties in apologising to each other and reaching agreements.
  • Strong power dynamics that can lead to little affection.
  • Repeated arguments and banal conversations in the days after (which shows that the problem has not been solved).
  • Lies and disrespect.
  • Discomfort in talking about certain topics that require more trust.

Can help me too?

Of course it can! From we offer you a complete survey form to know your interests and needs and provide you with the offer that best suits you. In this way, we offer you the best tools to keep you up to date, to better understand the context in which your children find themselves and the challenges they face.

Not only that, but you will also be able to find out about the world of learning and education thanks to our blog with advice, help with routines, organisation and the latest news in the sector.