elegir colegio para los hijos

Choosing a school for our children is a difficult and decisive decision. For this reason, many parents feel that the weight of responsibility overwhelms them. From buscarcole we like to show you tips that we believe can help you to have a broader knowledge of what questions you should ask yourself to know which school will best suit your needs. However, today we bring you another alternative to decide which institution will be the right one for your children.

In our blog we have dealt with article after article and with the help of experts from the world of education, various topics related to the concerns that parents usually have: doubts such as the key points to assess at an open day, the possibility of looking at multilingual schools and their advantages for the future of students, tips for adapting to the start of a new school year and much more!

However, today we have investigated the opinion of parents like you, so that, knowing their experience, you can learn from new realities lived by other families in their own schools. The educared meeting portal shows us different contexts and situations experienced, let's see it!

The opinions of other parents

“Hello! From my personal experience as a mother, I have been looking for a school for my son where he can live with the diversity of our society, get in touch with reality and allow him to appropriate knowledge in a critical way.”

- A mother tells us in this blog

As you can see, many families bring to the table another perspective beyond the academic one: education in values and a critical spirit. In this case, it is difficult to know if the school will meet your ideological expectations. Therefore, if in your case this field is also important, choose to learn about real cases of parents who already have children at their school, word of mouth, their social networks and website, forums, etc.

“I consider very valuable in these times the containment, listening and personalisation of the student, as well as the value of mutual respect and effort.”

- Comments another user

In this case, knowing whether the pupil receives more or less personalised treatment will depend on factors such as the number of pupils per class, whether the school has a psycho-pedagogical service or even whether the school uses a more or less alternative methodology.

Opinions that are lessons

“Nowadays many parents look to the school as a place to "park" their children while they are at work. [...] Children who enter at 7 in the morning and are picked up at 7 in the evening at the end of extracurricular activities [...]. We should not offload the responsibility and the right to actively participate in their education, in their custody and in their leisure time.”

- A parent on the forum argues

The truth is that the intervention of this father will not help us to detect which of the schools we have in mind will be the best for our children but, without doubt, it is a lesson that will be useful to anyone who is concerned about their academic and personal development. The formula is clear: EDUCATION = FAMILY + SCHOOLS

“My son is now 14 years old and will soon finish school and go on to university. I am left with the disappointment that although he wanted to study photography and graphic design, his previous school did not offer any opportunities to develop these skills.”

Obviously, it is difficult to know what our children's interests will be when they are young. However, once they start secondary school, they can begin to deduce which branch of knowledge they want to pursue, so make sure you have good communication with them so that they can tell you about their interests and you can make a better decision together! Some schools offer facilities specially created for certain subjects, such as theatres, laboratories, workshops, sports centres...

The truth is that this intervention has been a real lesson, as years ago it was unthinkable to imagine that a parent would want their child to study what they really like if it was not a safe and conventional profession. However, it is encouraging to see that this mother has changed her mind, because musicians, artists and film directors will always be needed in our world.

As many schools as there are types of parents

“As a mother I realise that I need to be more actively involved. I need to know what and how the subjects are taught, I want to be able to contact the teachers via the Internet and access useful information so that I can learn the subjects together with my daughters.”

There are different types of parents: those who want to be more involved in how knowledge is taught or those who, on the contrary, trust blindly and prefer to experience their children's education as an advisor, but not as a participant. Therefore, make sure at the open days how the communication between the parents and the school is.

We hope the advice and recommendations have helped you! Remember to visit our website and use our form if you are looking for the best institution for your children, or keep an eye on our blog! where we regularly upload content that may be of interest to you.