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If your goal is to find a school where education is multilingual, today we are going to explain the best way to find the right option. Are you curious about the fact that your child can be educated entirely in another language and would like to know what the repercussions are in such cases? In today's article we will assess all the consequences, both positive and negative, as well as how to go about the process.

You probably know many people who have received a multilingual education and who speak this second language as if it were their mother tongue. Obviously, studying at a multilingual institution opens many doors, both on a practical level and in something as basic as a CV, which will arouse curiosity in companies that value languages in the academic training of candidates. Or even on a social level! Speaking a language in common with the rest of the world helps us to meet people more fluently when we travel and get to know new cultures.

Moreover, this multilingual education can be started both from the beginning of our children's childhood and adapted progressively in their adolescence - it is never too late! In fact, more and more public primary and secondary schools are offering multilingual education (mainly English, but also French and Italian and, to a lesser extent, German).

In any case, multilingual education has advantages and disadvantages. Would you like to know what they are?

Advantages of going to a multilingual school

  • Knowing and practising a new language with the fluency of someone who has grown up with it. The linguistic competence that a son or daughter assumes in these schools is evident but, in addition, studying with different grammars simultaneously activates the brain's networks and allows people to have a more open view and thinking about the knowledge they acquire. Being multilingual is much more than speaking two languages, it means developing multiple communication skills. In addition, children who receive a multilingual education generally have an easier time assimilating new languages in addition to the one they learn at school.
  • Professional competence: it is not surprising that one of the motivations for families to enrol their children in these institutions is to add value to their academic education. Professional possibilities multiply and differentiate pupils in any selection process for a job.
  • Languages are culture! Mastering a second language with fluency gives you the ability to elegantly break down many cultural barriers and gain access to more people and their customs, thanks to a good conversation. In addition, many multilingual schools offer exchange programmes for their students. At the same time, if your children are educated in these institutions, they will be able to carry out their Erasmus university experience from the comfort of a full knowledge of the language, and the security that this brings when it comes to introducing themselves to new people and following classes more efficiently in that foreign university.

Disadvantages of multilingual schools

  • Some experts argue that some students may not reach a satisfactory level in either of the two languages in which they are being trained. They may also feel too much pressure from the demands of some of these institutions. It is therefore an important and delicate decision, although you can always try and see if the student adapts to the context or not, it is not an irreversible path! buscar colegio bilingüe
  • Until a few years ago, it was a great disadvantage that only privat schools were multilingual, but now a great effort is being made to bring this type of education to public institutions as well. It only remains to be hoped that the level will be equalised between those schools with more experience and tradition in this methodology and those that are just starting out. It should be stressed that teacher training is an essential element in the quality of teaching in order to facilitate the implementation of multilingual education.

Search for a multilingual school

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