selección de colegio

The school selection process is an important decision that will affect your children's education and development, but how can you make this process more meaningful and participatory for them? In this article, we'll share some practical tips for involving your children in choosing the right school. From school visits to family discussions, find out how to make your children an active part of this important decision.

Open and honest conversations: Dialogue begins

The first step in involving your children in choosing a school is to have open and honest conversations.

Explain the importance of making this decision together and listen to their opinions and expectations. Foster a trusting environment where they feel comfortable expressing their ideas and concerns.

Exploring options

A great way to involve your children is to include them in school visits and open houses.

Let them explore the school environment, interact with other students and teachers, and ask questions. Encourage your children to take notes and share their impressions after each visit.

Identifying interests and needs

Each child is unique, so it is essential to consider their interests and needs when selecting a school. Talk to your children about their talents, passions and areas that most appeal to them.

Consider educational options that support their academic and extracurricular goals.

Involving your children in research

Research is critical to making informed decisions. Encourage your children to research schools online and visit libraries for additional information.

Explore educational programs, school values, facilities and extracurricular activities together. Encourage critical thinking and comparison of different options.


Involving your children in the school selection process is an excellent way to empower them and make them feel part of this important decision.

Through open conversations, school visits, joint research and participation in interviews, you can strengthen the family bond and ensure that your children feel valued in this process. Remember that choosing a school is a crucial step in their educational and personal future. By working together, you will find the perfect school that fits their needs and provides them with an enriching education.