cambio de colegio

If your task of looking for a school has been successfully completed, now it's time to think about the next objective: knowing how to adapt to the new situation that awaits your child in this new experience. But before we approach this situation with fear, let's understand that we are talking about one of their first opportunities to grow, learn and excel!

The adaptation to the new school will be more or less easy depending on a series of factors: the child's character, the personality of the other pupils, the level of demand of the school... For this reason, parents can always try to do their bit to help make this process more bearable, especially after the strange circumstances (covid 19) that have turned education upside down.

Let them understand that they can always count on you

Even if you have suffered the anxiety of having looked for the best school option for your son or daughter, there is still the possibility that something could go wrong. In this situation, what we must do is make our child understand that we are there, that we are another support for him or her to let off steam whenever he or she needs it or to denounce situations that he or she has seen in the classroom and which seem unfair to him or her. As parents, we can approach the teachers if we detect any irregularity. Think that what will benefit our child may also benefit his or her classmates if, for example, he or she explains to us that someone in the class is bullying someone else.

Don't try to be your child's "cool buddy", your child will feel uncomfortable. He or she needs to see you as the figure that you are in a transparent, trusting and calm atmosphere in which the communication of ideas flows. At the same time that you are understanding with him or her, you also have to make him or her understand that, in life, we all go through complicated moments and that we must fight against difficulties to overcome ourselves and become stronger. Ultimately, the key is to treat our child as befits his or her age: don't take the chestnuts out of the fire in situations that he or she has to face alone: give him or her autonomy and you will see how little by little he or she will gain maturity.

Let's be optimistic but also realistic

In the first trimester, there are many cases of a drop in grades. This is normal and can be due to: changes in methodology, lack of habit to new routines or even a wake-up call from the child, who has not yet adjusted well to the change. Remember what we said in the previous point. The most important thing is that your son or daughter sees you as someone they can trust to tell them about their situation, who will always be there to support them.

Is he/she prepared for it?

Remember that you must have all the working material: books, pens, calculators, notebooks, etc. The fact that some students in the classroom are constantly asking for things will mean that the teachers will have to be constantly calling attention to them and that they will lose the necessary concentration to understand certain subjects.

But, above all, know the timetable and be punctual! It may seem obvious, but punctuality is a value that many people do not assimilate until it takes its toll on them at work or in their personal relationships.

Let's give it the importance it deserves at home by leading by example and being "heavy-handed" about how necessary it is for them to be punctual both when they arrive at school and on those days when they have exams and have to arrive on time.

Sign him up for an extracurricular activity

In previous articles we have already talked about the good repercussions that doing sport can have on a pupil's maturity process, to learn values such as perseverance, commitment and teamwork. In addition to this reality, our son or daughter signing up for an extracurricular activity is a quick way to integrate with their classmates and find a hobby that fulfils them and that they enjoy to disconnect from time to time. Remember that this is only if the child wants to do it, never force him or her to do it or he or she will end up getting annoyed. Everything in its own time.

Let's recharge their batteries!

Make sure your child goes to school rested by having them go to bed at a reasonable time, as well as having a healthy and energetic breakfast every morning.

Provide incentives to motivate them

Help your child set new goals, ranging from social to academic. These motivators will bring results sooner by working hard for them. You know, the importance of positive reinforcement to keep away negative thoughts that can become scourges!

From we hope this article has been useful for you. Remember to count on us whenever you need to find the school that best suits your needs and interests. See you next time!