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At the end of this first quarter of the year, school pre-registration will begin. In this way, the schools open their doors to us so that we can decide if we want to enroll our children in their institutions. But this innocent process upsets some parents who enter in a state of collapse, as they tirelessly search for the school that will best meet their expectations.

Many families approach the process of looking for a school for their children with clear ideas: they have an idea of what they are looking for and go decisively to a specific selection of schools that they have already located. In contrast, some parents start this journey with a more open mind: they want to be surprised and, above all, convinced about which institution will be better for their children by visiting numerous schools. However, a common factor for both parent profiles is uncertainty and anxiety throughout the process: "Will we be choosing the best option", "Will we regret it and it will be too late", "Will we be applying good criteria in our search".

The truth is that the ideal school for each family can vary depending on the needs of its members. However, if we know exactly what we want for our children, looking for a school can become a simple task and in this article we give you some tips to make this task more bearable. You can also find warnings about possible mistakes to avoid when looking for a school for your children, in this other post!

What do families look for when looking for a school for their children?

According to the First Study on School Preferences in Spain, the priorities for parents today are centered on three fundamental pillars: that the school be conceived as a safe environment against bullying, bilingual and technological.

Regarding the first factor, the safe environment, the study points out how the increasing cases of bullying or harassment at school have raised the level of concern of parents of students. A 97% of all respondents had as a primary requirement that schools had some method of control against 3% who did not consider it a relevant data among their demands.

On the other hand, according to the survey conducted, about 85% of parents prefer a center that is bilingual, compared to 15% who do not consider it relevant to their education. In addition, 58% consider the possibility of sending their children to study abroad for several years, with the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and France being the most popular destinations.

The new technologies were very much in the spotlight among the general preferences of the study, where an overwhelming majority of parents opted for a mixed environment, integrating both books on paper and technological tools and screens. At the same time, in a second place we see a modest proportion of families who opted for a mostly interactive environment, without paper books. A shy minority chose to maintain a totally traditional environment in the school, with paper-based textbooks.

As you can see, the trends among parents' interests are defined but the important thing is that you have clear what your priorities are from the beginning of your search. What the vast majority wants doesn't have to be what your child needs. So do not hesitate to contact the schools, solve your doubts and, why not, ask your friends and acquaintances for their experiences and personal recommendations.

The truth is that it is not yet clear what this open-door process will look like with the current situation of uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 virus. For this reason, many institutions are remodeling their modus operandi and offering unusual open days to which we are not accustomed: entirely online, as you can see in the following article.

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