no encuentro colegio para mi hijo

At the beginning of summer, the provisional lists of those students who have applied for a place in a center are usually made public. In these, families can see if their son or daughter has been admitted to their first choice. This opens two scenarios: one ideal and the other, for many, catastrophic. But nothing could be further from the truth, even when a student has not been assigned to a school, there are still alternatives. What do we mean? Read on!

Everyone hopes and expects that their child will go to their first choice institution. For this reason, many people file complaints once they have been assigned to another center. The first thing you need to be clear about as parents in this regard is that, in principle, claims from families who have already been assigned a place will not be accepted.

A more dramatic scenario can be found in those cases in which the student has not been admitted to any school. How to proceed then?

What to do if my son or daughter does not have a place in any school?

It will then be the responsibility of the autonomous services of Support for Schooling, which will have to issue new lists with the allocation of school places to students not admitted. As indicated in the media

"the schooling support service will also be valid for students who are joining the educational system for the first time or who change municipality due to a change of address and have not obtained a place in the requested centers. The Schooling Support Service will award them a school place in one of the centers that have vacancies for the requested level".

What other responsibilities do the Schooling Support Services have?

These services are also responsible for allocating school places to students whose applications are duplicated or erroneous, "as well as to applications that have been submitted after the deadline", as stated in the above-mentioned media.

A different reality in private schools

The reality is that, family income permitting, true freedom of choice of center is only assured in private, non-subsidized schools, since they are the ones who decide which students will be admitted to each course.

Last chance to inquire

As indicated in this article, it may happen that there is a vacancy in a center that does not have a waiting list. In this case, the school must notify the delegation of the competent body of Education to make the vacancy available.

"These vacancies are not usually published, so if a student is interested in a center that has not had a waiting list and has not obtained a place, we should call or ask directly there, once the enrollment period is over, to find out if any of the admitted students have not submitted the enrollment," the article states.

Still have more questions? If you click on this link, you will find more information on how to change schools if the admission period has already closed.

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