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Changes of residence, hasty decisions without taking into account essential factors... many reasons can lead you to want your son or daughter to change school when the deadline has already closed. But the important thing is not the reason, but how to solve the problem caused in time. Don't panic, there are steps you can take to get your child into school in an extraordinary period. Let's look at them together.

Dear parent, there is no need to stress yourself to the point of unimaginable stress. Remember that schooling is compulsory from the age of six, so your children are guaranteed a desk regardless of any previous changes you make, as guaranteed by article 27 of the Constitution.

However, the Constitution does not guarantee that our son or daughter will go exactly to the school we dream of - we as parents have to take care of that.

Different rules of the game according to where you are

Let's start from an immutable fact: Each Autonomous Community can establish different protocols and, therefore, we recommend that you first contact the Provincial Directorate of the Regional Ministry of Education of your community, either in person or online.

For example, in the case of the Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona, we can see how its official website offers an exhaustive guide with the steps to follow in Barcelona, in this link you can take a look.

Have you already been advised and informed? Let's follow the process

Once the necessary documentation has been submitted, it will be necessary to wait for confirmation from the centre to be able to make this extraordinary change in the student's academic record, although everything will depend, of course, on whether there are any places available at that time. There are variables such as the ratio of classrooms and students per teacher that cannot be changed, even in extraordinary cases. This is not a whim, but to ensure quality and optimal teaching for each and every pupil.

However, in exceptional cases, only the regional education inspector or the schooling commission, after reviewing the situation, would be able to change the context and provide a solution.

On the private side of education

Obviously, public schools have a wider margin of manoeuvre to change admission criteria. So if the school you are looking to change your place at is a private school, all you need to do is simply contact the institution to see if you still have time and if there are any places left.

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It is likely that if you have a clear idea from the beginning you won't have any final decision changes. And to make this clear we offer you one of the best search tools that will adapt to all your requirements. It will allow you to use search parameters established on the basis of the criteria of education specialists and the surveys and interviews we carry out with parents.

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What better recommendation than from those who know their spaces on a day-to-day basis, as well as the demanded requirement to see their children studying in their rooms?

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