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Improving computer-assisted reading in elementary education: the interventions that produced the largest effects were those for intervention with students with learning disabilities.

This meta-analysis focused on the effects of computer-assisted word reading interventions (foundational reading instruction, supplementary alphabets, reading fluency, remedial reading) on reading-related outcomes (letter knowledge, phonological awareness, word and pseudoword reading), sentence and text reading, and spelling, as well as transfer to reading comprehension) in different languages in elementary school children starting in 1995.

Rigorous and interesting, as usual, Juan Cruz Ripoll. His blog is a valuable source of information and consultation.

Juan Cruz Ripoll has a PhD in Education, is a psychopedagogist, teacher and counselor at the Santa María la Real School in Sarriguren (Navarra) and associate professor at the University of Navarra. He is accredited as assistant professor doctor by ANECA.