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From buscarcole we have always wanted to emphasize a reality: the best school as such does not exist, but will depend on your preferences and needs of your son or daughter. Therefore, the answer to this question will be answered by making an analysis of all those variables that you consider important when it comes to finding an educational institution that meets your expectations. Let's see how to smooth the difficulty of the journey to find it.

We have a series of data that will leave you shocked: Just by analysing the case of Barcelona, we see that there are more than 59,000 students in infants, more than 82,000 in primary, more than 56,000 in secondary and more than 22,000 in baccalaureate! Obviously, all these students are diversified in schools with multiple differences such as the type of teaching, locations, requirements, government funding... that's why parents have so many doubts when looking for a school, so many possibilities to choose from! In this article we help you with those doubts. However, let's take a look at what renowned authorities have to say about schools in Barcelona.

What do the rankings say?

Forbes magazine has made a ranking of the most prestigious schools in Barcelona according to surveys.

And in this headline we find...

  1. SEK-Catalunya: a school that is characterised by its commitment to English as a vehicular language.
  2. St. Peter’s School: an international centre whose mainstay is bilingualism, as well as specialisation in scientific, technological, humanistic and communication skills.
  3. Agora Sant Cugat International School: another school which offers an international college and a multilingual project. The school is also linked to the Liceu, one of the most prestigious institutions in Catalan music.
  4. British school of Barcelona: an elite school which, as its name suggests, bases its education on the British system.
  5. Benjamin Franklin International School: located in the upper part of Barcelona, this school is characterised by offering an American curriculum from kindergarten to high school.

But, let's be honest, do these schools fit in with everyone?

As you can see, the rankings show a clear school profile. However, not everyone has as a priority an education based on an international perspective, or believes blindly in private education, but their values look more towards public education. Therefore, the conclusion we draw from this is that what can be objectively considered as "the best" does not necessarily suit everyone. All schools are good but our job at and, above all, our objective is that you can find the one that best suits the characteristics of your children, your values and your needs.

In this way, at we offer you a questionnaire in which you can break down each of your requests, from the type of education (whether private, public or private), its location or special requests (such as whether you would like it to be religious, have sports facilities, psychopedagogical attention, lunch service...).

We have our own search engine!

On the other hand, you will be interested to know that at we also offer you a school search engine. It will allow you to use search parameters established from the surveys and interviews that we carry out with the parents who have their children as pupils in these schools.

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We hope you liked this article and that it has helped you to get to know some of the institutions you didn't know about in the city of Barcelona! In the blog of our website you can also find many other articles related to the world of education, psychology... as well as interviews with experts in the education sector. Don't miss them!