aprender en vacaciones

We are already on holiday! Although we are no longer in the academic period, we should not think that it is a season in which we cannot exercise our minds! We have to take advantage of all that free time and invest it efficiently, there are many possibilities to do so, we just have to use our imagination and find something that we like and motivates us!

The key is to find non-formal learning alternatives: colloquial and entertaining. After having to put our eyesight and writing skills to good use in taking good notes, we give way to a new routine that will vary from our children's schedules to their environments. That's why it will be essential to know how to adapt to the situation so that they don't fall behind. Here are some recommendations:

Surrounded by nature

Combining natural resources and real-life situations with learning is a methodology that has always been used in the most advanced and innovative cultures: societies with a reputation for teaching that is beyond reproach. This includes familiarising young people with basic notions of biology or physics, literature (it is as easy as reading a book or writing poems in an idyllic setting), or encouraging them to draw the landscape they are looking at.

Learning through play

Through play and sport, boys and girls discover an attractive method for learning and developing new skills that are not acquired in the school context. There are board games specialised in specific fields, such as the typical portable laboratories or quizzes, as well as educational applications that combine entertainment with knowledge.

Boost their creativity

It's always a great idea to create crafts and artistic activities to put our children's most creative side to work. This type of exercise brings many benefits, such as an improvement in their self-esteem as they see how their skills progressively improve, or progress in their concentration.

Beyond academics

There are more activities than just mathematics, because maturing as a person goes beyond academics and learning to be self-sufficient is one of the most important things we can learn in life. Taking on household responsibilities is one of these lessons that go beyond academics, but which will have very positive repercussions on our children's maturity. In addition, on many occasions, during the school year it is difficult for us to stop and explain to them how to carry out certain tasks and we prefer to do them ourselves in order to save time. You are in luck, the time is now!

Another way of maturing is by training our social skills. It is essential that they learn to relate to the community and to be part of it. Encourage them to meet friends their own age in the neighbourhood of your summer house, introduce them to the children of your friends... there are always ways to strengthen those social skills that will be so beneficial in their future.

Tourism is also a positive point

Our children will be able to learn a lot of culture on the trips we take (if the Covid-19 allows it) and culture is not only in books: typical gastronomy of the cities we visit, really surprising emblematic buildings or even notions of photography that we can teach them on this trip. We can also share some lovely moments in the car by showing them the music we like the most and teaching them about musical culture that goes beyond what they can listen to randomly on the radio. We can also take advantage of these trips to go on cultural outings, for example to the theatre or museums.

And how can we forget a reality that sometimes escapes us: the importance of languages. If you think that your child will be able to improve his or her English, French, German, Italian... why not let him or her venture out to ask the waiter or the hotel receptionist a question? These are small gestures that will help them to shake off their initial embarrassment and take risks in the field of languages.

Summer camps

Unfortunately, some families do not have as much free time as they would like to spend the summer with their children. For this reason, summer schools are an option in which professionals with a lot of experience, vocation and love for what they do, become our children's big brothers and sisters. In this way they teach them some of the best lessons, while gradually gaining their confidence.

Let's hope you put these tips into practice. Remember that after all summer comes back to school and we want you to know that buscarcole.com will be there, by your side, accompanying you every step of the way in your search for the school that best suits your needs. Connect with us!