carlos granados y daniel capó

"The trace of time is footprints; the trace of life is memory. But not only memory. There is memory without love - even if it is a cold, dead memory - and yet there is no life without love."
A remarkable contribution to educational philosophy, and much more.

'Florecer', is a book by Daniel Capó and Carlos Granados in Editorial Didaskalos

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Zenda Libros reproduces an excerpt from the book  Florecer:

"In the courtyard, before entering the classroom, a classmate said to him: "I hope the Covid arrives soon and we all die". His parents had just divorced, and in that imprecation was conveyed the loss of the first certainty of love, which is fidelity. My son, who was unaware of this, remained silent for a second and replied, "I have just read Beowulf and it says there that before you die, you must pursue glory." I was proud of his response. Without realizing it, he had summed up a credo that applies to everyone. To pursue glory is to aspire to the great life, when it comes your way. To pursue glory is to call life and accept it with its risks, without yielding to the dictates of hopelessness."


Libro Florecer