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Are you looking for a school in Andalusia? Choosing a good school will mark the future of our children and, therefore, we want to help you to make the best possible decision. From the portal buscarcole.com we want not only to wish you luck in this new educational stage, but also to advise you on what points you should value and take into account in this search for a school in Andalusia. Let's start!

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Education in Andalusia today

As narrated in the document "Education in Values" of the Andalusian government, education culture seeks, in addition to academics:

"to foster the culture of self-evaluation in the educational centers, services, programs and activities that make up the Andalusian educational system [...] offering valid and reliable tools that evidence the benefit and usefulness of evaluation and propitiate the support to processes and individuals towards continuous improvement".

In other words, the focus is placed on the student's responsibility and on the responsible and continuous evaluation for the correct evolution of the records. Other specific measures are also specified in certain points, such as:

a) To understand and accept the diversity of the educational community, developing values such as responsibility, autonomy, respect for diversity, empathy, etc.

b) Promote respect for the environment, fostering a climate of reflection on the use of natural resources and develop strategies that allow students to maintain a critical attitude towards consumption.

c) Promote the principle of coeducation based on everyday situations that address the equality of men and women in the family, at school and in the workplace, as well as reject situations of marginalization and discrimination addressing the respect and recognition of dignity.

d) To foster a climate of coexistence in which relationships among all are based on tolerance, respect, empathy and integration, using conflict as a resource for growth and the promotion of dialogue.

Finally, said report underlines the importance of working on two blocks of values:

"Those that refer to individual values, of personal strength such as Responsibility, Autonomy or Independence; and values with an important social component such as Teamwork, Solidarity, Respect for difference, Inclusion and Friendship."

What other information of interest can I find in buscarcole.com?

From buscarcole.com we offer you a complete survey form to know your interests and needs and provide you with the offer that best suits you.

Not only that, in addition to our form you can also get information about the world of learning and education thanks to our blog. As well as a glossary with words that may (or may not) be familiar to you to deepen concepts such as the Baccalaureate, project work or learning communities.

As you can see, at buscarcole.com we help you to discover the most appropriate school for your children but also to offer you the best tools to be up to date, to better understand the context in which they find themselves and the challenges they face.

We are a team of people who have worked in the world of education from different fields. We think that knowledge and values should have the same relevance in the education of our children. Because, as Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1762) said:

"Everything that we do not have at birth and that we need when we grow up, is given to us by education."